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Project Results
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In the past 5 years, over 100 national-level projects were carried out to organize scientific research with a higher position and a wider vision. Over 600 papers were published in high-impact SCI journals such as Nat. Neurosci., PNAS, Sci. Adv., etc. Additionally, 19 patents regarding the dynamic identification of health function were successfully transferred and productized. Representative academic achievements are listed below:

1) The effects of endothelial phagocytosis and stem cell self-assembly on the mechanical properties of nerve injury and skin regeneration were explored. A multi-mechanical loading system was established to study the regulation of the mechanical microenvironment on the survival and differentiation of MSCs, and to develop new strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of major diseases.

2) New methods of interface assembly for different biomaterials were developed to study the relationship between material properties and surface/interface functions, which also led to the innovative active repair applications of titanium, silk fibroin, collagen and keratin in drug delivery, tissue regeneration, photodynamic therapy and regulation of foreign body response.

3) The effects of XBP1-u, YY-1, MEF2D and other factors and autophagy on the tumor occurrence and development, as well as the regulation of tumor cell behavior by mechanical factors in the pathological microenvironment of tumor were explored. Corresponding photodynamic therapy, immunotherapy and selective chemodynamic therapy strategies have been developed to solve the problems of multidrug resistance of tumor, adverse tumor penetration and activation of anti-tumor immune response.

4) A variety of in vitro dynamic and sensitive biosensors for the real-time analysis, their key technologies and new principles were developed, among which the biosensors of H3 LYS-9 and ZAPLCK were successfully designed to study the kinetic changes of H3 LYS-9 trimethylation and LCK kinase at the single-cell level.

5) Physical function enhancement devices, electrophysiological signal analysis devices, and cross-platform personal health management systems etc. were developed by exploring key technologies of dynamic identification and precise intervention of health functions.

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