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Dean's Message
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Biomedical Engineering discipline is the main discipline closely connected with and supporting the health industry. It is fully consistent with the connotation and mission of "new engineering" and "new medicine" disciplines due to the characteristics of multi-disciplinary, wide range, and high-level cross integration. It directly provides application technology and solutions for solving the problems of clinical first-line prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

As one of the main bases of interdisciplinary academic research and talent training in Chongqing University (CQU), Bioengineering College has always been positioned to support and serve the important needs of Healthy China, based on the abundant engineering and advanced science of CQU. By a closed-loop linkage of discipline elements, multi-agent collaborative education, cross-disciplinary research and intelligent medicine transformation, we aim to cultivate outstanding and innovative talents, achieve major academic breakthroughs, and support the health industry.

At present, China is in the key period of transforming the mode of economic development and optimizing the economic structure. The degree of population aging is deepening, and the people's requirements for a healthy life are increasing. Therefore, the health industry including high-end medical devices, innovative drugs, as well as health products has been continuing to grow and develop rapidly, and the leading role and pillar position of the big health industry in reshaping the future economic and industrial pattern has been progressively enhanced. At the same time, the new-generation information, biology, engineering technologies are increasingly and closely integrated with medical and health fields, prompting the fast development of telemedicine, mobile medicine, precision medicine, intelligent medicine and other technologies. In addition, the bio-intelligent hybrid technology and products with the direction of active health are promoting the booming of new business forms and new models of health industry and disciplines.

In the future, we will continue to cultivate interdisciplinary innovative talents with a scientific spirit and creative ability who can solve complex problems in the field of health. At the same time, we will produce high-level original achievements in intelligent biomedical engineering devices, materials, products, and equipments, and form a number of transformation technologies with industry influence. The final goal is to forge ahead of the concept of "benchmarking first-class, pursuing excellence, serving development and leading the future", mobilize all kinds of positive factors for accelerating the development, and promote the college to a new level.

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